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Dental Defence: Quick, effective and easy to use anytime. Spray on at night so it can work while they sleep. Prevents bad breath and oral decay without chlorhexidine or alcohol and their unwanted side-effects.
 Signs of Dental Problems May Include: Bad breath, yellow tartar, inflamed or bleeding gums, gagging, slow eating,  missing or damaged teeth, excessive drool, eating with their head tilted.
Our Triple Option System: Can be tailored to fit your preference.While some people may be able to brush a pet’s teeth with the OregaPet Toothpaste 3 times a week, use the Dental Spray at night and give weekly Dental Health Treats, others may prefer to modify these options. The more serious the condition the more important it is to use a multi-product approach to effectively protect your pet.
Additional Support: Use OregaPet Oil of Oregano internally to help fight against systemic infections in the bloodstream and other organs. Since fungus and bacteria thrive in a sugar-rich environment you may consider a low glycemic food.
Why Oral Hygiene with Oil of Oregano?: Good dental health can prolong your pet’s life! Mississippi State University reports that dental care helps pets live longer happier lives.5 Dental disease among pets is skyrocketing with increases of up to 80% in pets over 3 years old. 
Reports show that if prevention doesn't become of primary importance, over 95% of all dogs and cats will have dental disease. Streptococcus mutans is considered the primary bacteria in plaque formation in people and pets11 and once it attaches itself to the tooth surface it b

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