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Nzymes Ox-E-Drops is a safe and stable compound of 5% sodium chlorite in reverse osmosis water, and offering many powerful uses. For TOPICAL uses, Ox-E-Drops should always be properly diluted with water before any application to skin or bodily areas. Ox-E-Drops releases precursors, which assist the body in the renewal of potentially dangerous free radicals and toxins. Ox-E-Drops can help to increase the efficiency of certain enzymes called peroxidases invloved in the oxidation of foreign substances such as microbes; and can also help enhance immune system function. Ox-E-Drops is very alkaline (pH 13). It may help support healthy digestion and promote better energy and endurance.  

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What Makes Ox-E-Drops So Effective?
Lets look at the chemistry involved with NZYMES Ox-E-Drops. At the pH of the stomach (pH 3-4) one can expect chlorine dioxide (NOT Free Chlorine) to be produced from the chlorite ions. This will be a transient phenomenon, ultimately yielding chlorite ions, again, which will be absorbed by the body, passed through the lower gastrointestinal tract, and excreted by the kidneys aiding the body.

Chlorine ion interact with Enzymes, in fact, another potential mechanism of NZYMES Ox-E-Drops involves utilization of chlorite by cells, particularly leukocytes, as a substrate to increase the efficiency of a group of enzymes known as peroxidases. These enzymes are an important component in the immune system since they are involved in the oxidation of foreign materials. There are two interesting outcomes of chlorite utilization by these enzymes. The first is that the immune system may be directly enhanced by the increased rate of oxidation of foreign materials by the leukocytes. The second result is an increased ability by all metabolically active cells to scavenge free radicals. The source of free radicals may be environmental (e.g., UV radiation) or metabolic (e.g., H202). Chlorine dioxide is environmentally friendly.


  • Active Ingredients: 5% Sodium Chlorite
  • Inert Ingredients: 95% Inert Ingredients (Reverse Osmosis Water)


Internal Use:
Mix 1 drop, per 20lbs of your pet’s body weight of the concentrated Ox-E-Drops with a teaspoon/tablespoon or more of water. Use a dropper or oral syringe to give the mixed solution to your pet, being careful to squirt the mixture along the pet’s tooth line and not down the throat. This is the best way to avoid choking and getting fluid in the lungs.

Using Ox-E Topical Solution
Ox-E Topical is made by mixing one teaspoon of the Ox-E-Drops Concentrate with 8 ounces (1 cup) of filtered water. Distilled water is preferred for use in the ears or eyes. Soak the pad of a bandage with the 2% solution and apply to the affected area. Soak cotton ball, a cotton swab or spray bottle. For most topical purposes a diluted 2% solution is entirely adequate. 
NOTE: store mixture away from direct sunlight.

The Ox-E-Drops Concentrate has a pH of 13 and can bleach fabrics. The use at full strength on skin can cause a mild alkaline bur. If undiluted contact occurs for skin and eyes, flush the area with water. If swallowed in concentrate form, drink large amounts of water. (at least 1 qua

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