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Cat or dog asthma is almost always caused by an environmental allergen. The allergen is typically something that is inhaled, such as dust, pollen, cleaners, mildew or mold, kitty litter, cigarette smoke or pet dander from another dog or cat. A reaction to these allergens can cause constriction of your cat or dog’s upper respiratory tract, resulting in difficulty breathing. Your cat may start coughing as if it has a hairball or your dog may start wheezing or have shortness of breath.


How can you help your cat or dog with asthma?


Eliminate the Allergen

The best way to treat asthma in your cat or dog is to eliminate whatever the allergen is, however, the allergen may be difficult to identify. If you can’t identify the allergen, you can still make sure your cat or dog’s asthma is more manageable.

Provide a Clean Environment

Do your best to provide a clean environment for your cat or dog with asthma. Many of the cleaners or air fresheners we use can be potential allergens for an asthmatic cat or dog. Try eliminating these and other odorous substances from your cat or dog’s environment. Using a plain, unscented litter without any added deodorizers for your cat is best. Avoid chemical cleaners; try using natural ones instead. Your cat or dog will appreciate you eliminating cigarette smoke from your home as well as perfumes, paints and other scented items.

Diet and Exercise

It’s also helpful to ensure your cat or dog has a healthy diet and is getting enough exercise. Be careful with exercise, it is important to get enough, but if a cat or dog with asthma is over-exerted it may result in a severe asthma attack.

Provide Relief

Breathe Easy Oral Spray is a helpful, all-natural product for a cat or dog with asthma. It contains herbs that are helpful especially at the onset of an allergic reaction to an allergen in the environment or in your cat or dog’s food. Breathe Easy works to inhibit the effects of asthma attacks or allergic reactions in your cat or dog.


One or two sprays in the mouth followed by a repeated dose 15 minutes later. Continue every 4 to 6 hours as needed.


Ginkgo biloba seed, fresh (Ginkgo biloba)
The nut of the Ginkgo is used in this formula as it is highly effective in treating allergic reactions. It is most effective when used at the sudden onset of acute reactions to allergens in the environment or in food.

Rose root, fresh (Rosa officinalis)
Rose roots are anti-inflammatory and contain several trace elements that may be beneficial in the treatment of your dog or cat's allergies.

Coleus root (Coleus forskholii)
Coleus has been used extensively since ancient times in Indian Ayurvedic medicine to treat heart and lung conditions including asthma and allergies; modern research has validated these tra

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