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Phoenix's Allergies & Hotspots

"One of my rescue dogs Phoenix who is a German Shepherd started getting hot spots on her tail. I asked everyone I knew that might be able to help me. As I had already tried everything I could think of. From creams, sprays, powders, change of treats, etc... Nothing seemed to work but I knew if anyone could help it would be Sabrina and her team at Fetch.

I first had her groomed and they gave her a bath with some special stuff in it to help her itch. Then they helped me by getting an allergy test done. After the allergy test came in Sabrina took a long time with me and we went over the test together. She then helped me choose what we thought would be the best food and treats, and also talked about herbs that we could add to her diet, and a spray to help the sore itchy hot spots. After about 2 weeks things greatly improved! During this time Sabrina check up on us and Phoenix. 

She is now completely heeled and we have never had another problem with her. Sabrina and her staff have been a huge help many times with all my animals from food, to training to grooming. They have always listened to me, and are very caring. They know me and my son, and animals by name and I consider them my friends. Thank you Fetch team for all you have done for us!"


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