Voted Red Deers FAVOURITE Groomer in the Red Deer Advocates 2017 'A' List.

GOLD for Red Deer's BEST Pet Groomer 2014, 2015 & 2016 in the Red Deer Express Readers Choice Awards!

Regular grooming is an essential part of overall pet health and wellness. We have a team of 6 incredible groomers here to meet your needs.

At Fetch, we offer a selection of services to keep your pets looking great and feeling their best! We do not discriminate – all pets deserve the best, which means all of our bath packages include the best all natural shampoos and conditioners, as well as hypo allergenic options should your furry friend have allergies. We understand the need to ensure your pets grooming experience is a positive one, and here, they will be treated like one of our own.

Clean, Safe & Stress Free
We are proud to maintain a safe, clean and stress free environment, and you will meet our grooming specialist at time of your appointment. We create an environment in which we would want our own dogs groomed.

Grooming Packages
Bath & Pamper - Includes a shampoo, conditioning, nail trim, ear clean and brush out. 

Bath & Tidy - Includes a shampoo, conditioning, nail trim, ear clean, brush out and light trimming of face, feet and bum area.

Bath & Kennel clip - Includes a shampoo, conditioning, nail trim, ear clean, brush out and full hair cut. 

Bath & Scissor - Includes a shampoo, conditioning, nail trim, ear clean, brush out and breed cut or preferred style. 

Add Ons:
Blueberry Facials ($10) - Great for getting out discoloration or tear stains.

Nail Grinding ($12) - Nail grinding is great if you want to remove those sharp edges after a trim, and get closer to the quik (which in turn - pushes the quik back and over the long term much shorter nails!

De-Shedding Treatment ($15 - $25) - A great option for owners of shedding dogs. We use the furminator de-shedding solution to help lift any of that excess undercoat, plus they get 1/2 hour of brushing. This is truly a MUST have.

VIP Package ($25) - Does your pooch need a full makeover? Add on our VIP package for nail grinding, tooth brushing, a bandana or bows & pawfume or cologne.

Skin Treatment ($15-$25) - Great for dogs with itchy skin and allergies. We use an anti fungal, anti bacterial shampoo & conditioner to help give your pooch some relief.

Walk In Services
In addition to our grooming packages, we also offer a number of walk in services including nail trim, ear clean & pluck, tooth brushing, and more.

Grooming hours do differ from store hours, so we recommend you call prior to any walk in services.

Call us at 403-346-9063 to book your pets appointment today!


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