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Fetch Haus Grooming Salon

     3433-50 AVENUE RED DEER. 


Regular grooming is an essential part of overall pet health and wellness. We have a team experienced – incredible groomers here to meet your needs.

Fetch Haus Grooming Salon is a full service salon to keep your pets looking great and feeling their best!   

We do not discriminate – all pets deserve the best, which means all of our bath packages include quality shampoos and conditioners, as well as hypo allergenic options should your furry friend have allergies. We understand the need to ensure your pets grooming experience is a positive one, and here, your Platinum Pet  will be treated like one of our own.

You will meet your grooming specialist when you check in with your dog or cat.  You can discuss your expectations for the grooming appoint, any concerns you have regarding your dog (dry skin, excess shedding, bad breath, sore feet..) and confirm how long the appointment will last.  The more information you give us, the better we can care for your pet.

AS a loyal customer we recognize that you maintain a busy schedule.  Pre-booking your grooming appointment on a 6-8 week cycle allows you to book appointments that suit your schedule without risk of not getting an appointment when needed.  Standing appointments will be recognized with a month loyalty reward at time of appointment.  

Fetch Haus enforces a strict policy regarding fleas, ticks and/or lice.  If fleas, ticks and/or lice are found on a pet, the owner will immediately be called to pick up your pet.  The grooming appointment will be rescheduled.  

Fetch Haus grooming specialists will not shave a double coated dog.  This practice can cause permanent damage to the coat.  Discuss with your groomer options for grooming a double coated dog that does not include shaving the coat.

Reasons Not to shave your double coated dog

                                                                                           Will not keep your dog cooler in the summer                                                                                         

   Will not help with allergies – yours or theirs

Will not help with shedding

Can cause permanent coat damage

Increase the risk of sunburn and skin cancer


Grooming prices are based on size of dog, coat condition and dog temperament.   

Please discuss with your pet stylist when booking your appointment.

Grooming Packages available for Small (1-15lb), Medium (16-25lb), Large (30-70lb) and Giant (70lb plus) dogs 

Please contact the grooming salon for cat grooming appointments.  

Cancellation policy.  If an appointment is missed/cancelled without 24 hours notice the owner will be charged a cancellation fee based upon the appointment.  Customers may be asked to pre-pay for appointments in the future. 

Additional services available

Blueberry Facials ($14) – Great for getting out discolouration or tear stains.

Nail Grinding ($14) – Nail grinding is great if you want to remove those sharp edges after a trim, and get closer to the quick (which in turn – pushes the quick back and over the long term much shorter nails!

Nail trimming ($14.00) Regular nail trims are part of maintaining a healthy dog.  

De-Shedding Treatment ($15-$30) – A great option for shedding dogs. We use a professional de-shedding solution to help lift excess undercoat. A thorough drying with a high velocity dryer allows the undercoat to be “blown” out.   This is truly a MUST have if you are trying to manage your dogs coat.  Watch video clip above.

Express Service ($25.00).  Based on availability – we can accommodate senior dogs, or dogs that may become anxious and nervous with grooming.  Please request the Express Service when booking your grooming appointment.  

Skin Treatment ($15-$25) – Great for dogs with itchy skin and allergies. We use an anti fungal, anti bacterial shampoo & conditioner to provide relief for your pet.

VIP Package ($25) – Does your pooch need a full makeover? Add on our VIP package for nail grinding, tooth brushing, a bandana or bows & perfume or cologne.


 Our grooming appointments can accomodate your busy schedule. 

Grooming appointment start at 7:00AM Monday – Friday.  

Limited appointments on Saturday 8:00AM-4:00
Call us at 403-346-9063 to book your pets appointment today!

Nail Trims are a walk-in service with no appointment required

Cat Grooming Appointments available

Self Wash Grooming Services

Our Self Serve Dog Wash gives you everything you need

 Our self serve wash offers waist high tubs for ease of bathing, ramp and stairs for your pets to easily enter and exit, in a private room – and we will clean up after your messy mutt

Tubs are washed and disinfected, and self wash is vacuumed after each dog

Sign up to take advantage of our Self-Wash Loyalty Program

   No appointments necessary – self wash is a walk in service only

  $10 Per Dog  Includes: Shampoo, Towel, brushes, use of Professional High Velocity Dryers, Apron and 30 minutes of time.

 Self-Wash Rules

  • Dog must remain on a leash at all times.
  • Puppies must have 2nd set of vaccinations for their own safety.
  • You will be asked to sign a No flea/tick/lice infestations waiver.  Owners will be subject to $250 fine/cleaning fee if fleas/ticks/lice are identified.
  • No skunked dogs. (please contact our groomers for de-skunking)
  • No humans in the tubs!
  • Be respectful and kind to others using the space
  • Have fun

 Last bath starts 1 hour prior to closing.

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