Lumps, Bumps & Things That Jump

Posted on October 16 2017

We're often asked: "Do shedding dogs even need grooming?"

And our answer: Yes.

Here's my why. Casey and Zack both shed. Before fetch, I didn't really have a 'why'. Until I met Aimee, our grooming manager and learned a lot! Grooming the dogs isn't quite as simple as throwing them in the tub, giving a quick rinse and done.

Professional grooming for a shedding dog means that the groomers brush out undercoat (if any), so while bathing them, they are able to clean right to the skin. If there is a ton of undercoat, you likely aren't giving that good of a cleaning as you can't get to the skin. They get a good long bath, cleaning all areas of the pooch, they look at the skin, the ears etc. During the drying process, the groomers are able to see right to the skin, and can spot abnormalities.

They see things we don't. Hence the title of the blog: Lumps, Bumps, and Things That Jump 😳. Our groomers been able to help clients recognized the signs of early lumps/tumors, infections, yeast, skin issues, teeth issues, and yes, unfortunately things that jump. (Yes, this SUCKS - but better you knowing and treating that not knowing and having your dog in your bed!!). (And please note, this is not an invitation to bring us dogs that have fleas/ticks/lice - we actually quarantine if found and return the dog to owner immediately.) In some cases if dogs need veterinary care, you need to know!

When I have my dogs groomed, I get peace of mind. I know they are less hairy, clean, well cared for and they feel good!

As far as how often should a shedding dog be groomed - well that's a bit of personal preference but also dependent on the type of coat your dog has. We understand not everyone wants to have their dog professionally groomed, but you are always welcome to come chat with us and we are happy to help. Even if this means you helping you find the right tools for your dogs coat so you can do it properly at home.


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