Fetchucation 101: Fresh Food

Posted on August 11 2017

his, my friends - is a pretty staggering topic!

When you add JUST 20% FRESH FOOD to your pets diet, it can have profound health impacts! 

20%!! That's not a lot to add. But HUGE impact!? Yes please! 

In today's world, nutrition as we know it plays a huge role in many health conditions. Crappy grocery store foods are full of carbohydrates, chemicals and more - which regardless of what the package says - is not healthy! 

So what can you do to help your pet?

1. Feed a species appropriate diet. We're big believers in a raw food diet. (Yes, ground raw meat, organ and bone).

2. If raw food is not economical for you to feed, be sure to feed a quality low carbohydrate kibble. (No Blue Buffalo, no Beneful, no Iams etc). We do our best to have bulk raw food options for you, as well as numerous protein sources.

3. Add some fresh food to your pets rotation. You can do a raw meal 3-4 times a week, or maybe once a day for breakfast. You can grab some dehydrated raw, frozen raw, or make your own. (As long as you're not adding inappropriate items). The health benefits are incredible, and your pets will thank you! 

Casey and Zack are both raw fed. I've been feeding them raw for 5+ years. My story isn't unique. Casey only gained weight on kibble, and Zack being a street dog, would RARELY eat kibble. Likely because his guts couldn't digest it. 

Have questions? Pop by to see us! 


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