Client Food Transition

Posted on August 25 2017

Client Transition 🐾. Today we had some wonderful clients come in for the first time. They have a larger breed senior dog.

He was on FOOD 1, and has reoccurring ear infections, yeast, hot spots and doesn't always eat his food. So, my suggestion was to try 'something different' FOOD 2, and see how he does - after all he has to eat, so how amazing would it be, if a switch it diet helped this old boy!! There were of course reasons we chose FOOD 2 but I don't want to write a book... 

I told the client to be prepared, he may love his new food, his ear infections will hopefully go away along with his hots spots and yeast. 🤔 one of my driving forces is to help pet parents help their pets, because when they come back and they are so happy that they were able to help their dog - there is just no better feeling. ❤️

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